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Coffee Exchange is harnessing the power of innovative technology to provide a complete trading solution for green coffee.

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COFFEE PRODUCERSI'm a grower, interested in marketing my coffee online.

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COFFEE ROASTERSI'm a roaster, interested to buy coffee directly from the farm.

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All over the world

Our Headquarters is in Shanghai. We have operations in Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Panama & Rwanda. Contact us for more information.


The Coffee Exchange Platform empowers you to set the price you want and sell directly to roasters. See you orders in Real Time and track your Coffee into the hands of the consumer.


Our standard terms make sure you get the best deal whilst at the same time get paid fast and efficiently. You even have the ability to sell your coffee whilst in China for the highest prices.

Our Roaster Clients Love Us.

For roasters, the Coffee Exchange facilitates the buying process with advanced IOT supply chain tracking, freight consolidation for small quantities and provides security with verified & reviewed coffee producers. We make the job of selling your coffees easy.

Coffee Exchange both reduces our costs and makes our import process easier.

Robin Utimate Coffee

Next season I plan to put the majority of my best coffees into the Exchange!

Pepe Jijon Finca Soledad, Ecuador

We plan to buy from our new partner Washing Station every year!

Dong Mei Nordic Froggy Roasters


Our International Team is here to Help

We will help you list, ship, store, translate, market and sell your coffees all over China. Get in touch with us to learn more!