29 de Junio (Association) - Leandro Barreto (President)

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This area has always been a coffee zone, but the production dropped in the 90s like in all over the country. In the 2000s, little by little, the community started again planting coffee, and 29 de Junio became one of the main Associations in Manabí. It is not just about coffee, but also about environmental conservancy and culture promotion. They work hard to protect the cultural heritage and to care about the environment, as well as water and fauna. They try to influence in the local policies in order for them to put in their agenda these environmental issues and those concerning the coffee production. There is also a volcano in the zone, which implies rich volcano soil and nutrients for coffee plants.


Manabí, Parroquía Santana, Ecuador
300 - 400 m


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Caturra - Acawa - Sarchimor - Catucai - Natural