Anferara Estate - Adola Woreda, Guji Zone - Mekurian Berhanu

Farm Image

Anferara Estate is located 16 km south of Adola, a growing coffee area in the east part of Guji, southern Ethiopia. Mr. Mekurian and Berhanu selected this area to grow coffee at because of the soil, altitude and the nearby Awata river. They are both second generation coffee producers, so quality is part of their nature. Their good farm practices and well-controlled processing really comes out in the coffees produced here.

The Estate is divided up into East, West, South and North plots for total size of 72 hectares. It is supplied by 800 to 900 farmers from the surrounding area.


Adola Woreda, Guji Zone, Oromia Region
1900 - 2050masl