Banko Michicha Mill - Kercha Woreda, Guji Zone

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Banko Michicha is small Kebele (Community ) located in West part of Guji. In the south of Ethiopia.

Mr Tariku comes from big family that are all in coffee. Well known as the Edma family around in Guji. Tariku is third generationcoffee grower in Guji.

Tariku choice to establish his own station in Banko Michicha because its relatively new area and there is few stations in the area.

Why Tariku believes in Banko Michicha as area for future quality coffee. The micro climate it has very good rain path, A lot of young trees together with the soil and high altitude.

Things Tariku will do in coming harvest to to further improve the quality. Cherries selection. Cherries floating (water density) and then use shade net.


Kercha Woreda Guji Zone, Oromia Region
1800-1950 masl


Lot#76 Washed Process