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Karla García is an Economist, Engineer in Gastronomic Sciences, and a student at the University of Barcelona to get a Master in Supply Chain Management and Logistics. She is a true coffee enthusiast and businesswoman who seeks to enhance Ecuadorian coffee internationally. She is currently the President of Bruhwercoffee Cia. Ltda., producer of Special Ecuadorian Coffee of the Amazon and Loja; and creator of Wild Coffee, a roasted coffee brand with development projects for its farms, both in process and productivity, seeking to raise the level of Ecuadorian coffee. Karla has also various Certifications from the Specialty Coffee Association as Coffee Cupper, Coffee Roaster, Barista and Brewing, as well as the Q Arabica Grader Certification.

"How we want to change the world? For some, it’ll be traveling the globe in search of pristine green coffee, exploring other cultures and geography. For others, it’ll be connecting with customers each day, serving beautiful drinks and participating in a personal daily ritual enjoyed by millions. For all of us though, it’s in pursuit of great coffee. Our goal is to produce the finest coffee hence we have spared no expense in obtaining the most eco-friendly, and modern equipment available today. We also understand that machinery without a properly harvested cherry will not produce an excellent end product. In order for us to achieve this goal we harvest only ripe cherries. Commitment to excellence and the ability to meet our customer’s demands, we can produce Exchange grade coffees as well as Specialty Coffees. We can also process coffee to customer’s specifications. Bruhwer Coffee, striving to bring Ecuador’s finest coffee to the world. With Certifications like Organic, Kosher and Bird-friendly our Chito Farm has a added value. " - Karla Garcia, CEO Bruhwer Coffee, Finca Chito

厄瓜多尔著名咖啡生产商Wild Coffee介绍_厄瓜多尔有名的咖啡品牌


Zamora Chinchipe



Caturra - Natural

The coffee is a caturra natural process, with a sun dried process of 24 days in African beds, this coffee was harvest at 1300mts above the sea level in our Chito Farm with notes like brown sugar, berries, cacao and plum and a mid acidity like lime peel.