Finca Chorora - Olinka Velez

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Established in 2010, Finca Chorora has an excellent location, with an altitude of 1300-1500 meters, temperature of 18 °C-23 °C, good relative humidity, rich organic soil and good organic farming system. The farm is home to most of the coffee varieties on the ground and is of excellent quality.

"In the year of 2012, I´ve decided to sow around 10 different varieties of specialty coffee to understand the behavior of the coffee against diseases and types of soil. This was a great experience to structure new techniques among other 70 small coffee producers in my area.

Our vision of Specialty Coffee is to build strong and long term business relationships with our customers from around the world, to provide them with the best product among their needs. We are continuously in the research of new techniques that helps us reach our biggest goal. Our goal is to offer Coffee Roasters companies the perfect coffee cherries of the world.

Chorora´s Farm is ready to work and grow together the exquisit Specialty Coffee for you." - Olinka Velez





Coffee varietals grown


Flavor:Rich Sugar, Jasmine Perfume, Intense, Tart Acids and a Melon Aftertaste

2.Cesarion (Sidra)

Flavor:Hazelnut, Dried Apricots, Blackcurrant, Orchid, Nougat, Black Tea Finish


Fully Washed and Sun Dried

Sidra - Honey

Sidra - Natural