Finca Meridiano - Mario Hervas

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Mario Hervas owns the 25-hectare farm called Finca Meridiano, which has 6 hectares planted with coffee. Finca Meridiano is located in the northwestern part of Pichincha Province, Ecuador, next to a small village called Meridiano. The Finca Meridano not only has the ideal conditions for growing coffee, but also has a vital water source, which greatly improves the quality of the coffee produced, and contractes the production of the variety Typica Mejorado.

Mario was an agronomist for 17 years, working with large-scale rose farms throughout Ecuador; he's now applying this knowledge to his coffee farm, and it's safe to say it's an absolute showpiece of innovation. Mario had a hard time identifying the perfect coffee varietal for his farm, and fortunately for us, he took a risk and planted the whole nine hectares with Typica Mejorado, which has an incredibly juicy and floral profile.

This varietal is also one the most culturally and genetically significant in the world; it originates from Ethiopia/Yemen and has been planted the world over. It is a highly problematic varietal to produce, as it is susceptible to all three of the serious coffee ailments - Coffee leaf rust, coffee berry disease, and nematodes. Fortunately, Mario's agronomy background means he is the perfect person to maintain such a varietal, and as you'll be able to tell, it's all been worth it.

The coffee is picked ripe and depulped/demucilaged the same day before being fermented underwater for 30 hours. The cofffee is dried on raised beds in a greenhouse for 20–24 days. Mario hopes to improve his quality even more in coming years by tweaking his drying process, and hopes to feel confident entering his lots into competitions to win awards and earn quality premiums in coming years.





Typica Mejorado - Washed

“Sweet with a real creamy mouthfeel, structured acidity; lots of caramel with Cherry, Peach, Guava, floral like White Tea and cane juice flavors”

带有真正的奶油口感的甜味,层次分明的酸质; 丰富的焦糖风味,伴随着樱桃,桃子,番石榴,白茶般的花香和甘蔗汁。