Finca Piedra Grande - Olger Obando

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Olger is a 46-years-old Ecuadorian coffee grower. Four years ago, while on a family outing through the quiet roads of his province of Imbabura, he discovered the wonderful world of coffee.

He started this adventure in a hidden place, surrounded by mountains, rivers and immense forests, in the community of Corazón de Guadual, and discovered the art of planting, producing and harvesting the small but powerful grain of such characteristic fragrance. He never thought that this world was so fascinating and that there was so much to discover. The best experiences from his farm are the beautiful sunsets he shares with his family, the solitude of nature, the orange tone that paints the clouds which accompanies the gentle breeze, and which is impregnated with the aroma of freshly roasted coffee in the heat of the campfire. The satisfaction resulting from the first sip of the ancestral drink is indescribable. He hopes that people experience the same elation when tasting his coffee and are conscious of the effort it represents to produce such quality. He also wishes that the world will know Piedra Grande farm – and the fruit of this biodiverse land that seeks to produce the best coffee – where his family and himself put their dreams, their effort and their love.


Foundation Year: 2014

Size of farm: 5 hectares (plantation) / 40 hectares (property)

Employees: 1 (permanent) / 10 (harvest time)


Corazón de Guadual, La Carolina, Ibarra



Coffee Varietals grown


Harvest time

May - July

Planted area in hectares


Yearly production volume

110 quintals

Average Temperature

23 °C


Honey / Washed

Caturra - Honey