Finca Romerillos - Manuel Romero

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Manuel Romero started 9 years ago selling roasted coffee, and he opened a coffee shop in Loja 7 years ago. However, it is only 3 years ago, after a cupping course where he was introduced to specialty coffee that he decided to buy a property and grow his own. At that moment, he didn’t imagine that it will change the concept he had about coffee, as well as his life.

His choice to produce coffee in Chaguarpamba, Loja was obvious, not only because it is a famous place in Loja for this crop, but because his mother was born here. He looked for the best varieties and planted Gesha, Villalobos and Catuai.

Since then, things have gone very quickly and this year, as the pinnacle, he won the first and the second place at Loja’s cup of excellence.

These last three years haven’t been easy on an everyday basis, but with love and effort he has consolidated a great work team and became known as an excellent producer in Ecuador. The most gratifying for Manuel is, without hesitation, the great friendships he has built thanks to coffee.


Foundation Year: 2015

Size of farm: 14 hectares (property) / 3 hectares (plantation)

Employees: 3 (permanent) / 15 (harvest time)


Chagurpamba / Loja,Ecuador
1500 – 1650masl



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Gesha - Washed

花香,柠檬,柑橘,红醋栗/ 玫瑰,绿茶,甜橙,中等体质感。

Gesha - Red Honey