Finca Santa Rosa - Galo Semblantes

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In August 2001, after a long search for land, the family Semblantes Valdez decided to buy the hacienda Santa Rosa de Intag. They were attracted by its water sources, the exuberance of the vegetation, the beauty of the landscape, the river, the green valley in the middle of the mountains, the climate; and because of the quality of the people of the community.

In the early years, Galo, the father, dedicated himself to raising livestock and breeding Arabian horses. However, in his walks through his land, the presence of wild coffee bushes caught his attention. Galo’s son, Galo Andrés, returned from his studies abroad and the family decided to focus in coffee growing. A trip to Guatemala and a visit to the Finca Filadelfia with 100 hectares of coffee intensified their interest. Additionally, their hacienda was at the precise height to produce excellent quality coffee with an exquisite aroma.

In 2014, as a trial, the first 1,200 coffee plants were planted on a hillside covered with tropical cedars. They continued with another 4,000 in an esplanade next to the Río Toabunche. By 2017, 17,500 plants had been planted (10,000 of Caturra and 7,500 of Typica). Parallel to this, and because of the need for shade, plantain tress, cedars, alders –among others- were interspersed. From the outset, respect for nature and the use of local labor force were the mystique that accompanied both planting and harvesting.

The careful and painstaking cultivation, and delicate and selective handpicking cherries- one by one - by his people, resulted in a quality coffee. Soon a true passion developed in their family. Galo took care of cultivation, his son Felipe roasted coffee with science, art, experimentation and tasting. The outcome of this long journey is a coffee with superior characteristics, like everything one does with care and respect.





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Typica - Washed

“Deep, richly sweet and floral. Black Currant, Strawberry, Toffee, Jasmine, Stone Fruits in aroma and cup. Sweet in structure with bright, juicy acidity; plush, syrupy mouthfeel. The flavor-saturated finish is equal parts sweet-leaning (black currant, toffee, Stone Fruits) and floral (jasmine).”

This Washed processed Coffee is all conducted on Finca Santa Rosa. It's done by Galo and his small team. You may notice that some of the beans look like a honey processed bean, when in fact, its oxidation of the Silverskin or Epidermis.

"深厚丰富的甜感。 黑醋栗,草莓,太妃糖,茉莉,核果类的香气和味道。伴随着明亮、果汁感酸质的层次丰富的甜味;顺滑、糖浆般的口感。余味中甜味(黑醋栗,太妃糖,核果)和花香(茉莉花)平分秋色。"

这款经过水洗处理的咖啡全部在Finca Santa Rosa进行。 这是由Galo和他的小团队完成的。 你可能会注意到一些豆子看起来像蜜处理,实际上,它是由于银皮或表皮的氧化形成的。