Kopakama CWS

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KOPAKAMA, means the Agricultural Coffee Co-operative of Mabanza – a former county of western Rwanda. The country has been re-organised into districts, but the name lives on.

From its beginning in 1998 with just 48 members, the focus at Kopakama has always been on producing excellent quality fully-washed Arabica against the inspiring backdrop of mountains dropping down to the sparkling waters of Lake Kivu. The farmers invested their profits from coffee sales into building their micro-washing station.

Today, Kopakama has over 600 members, expertly growing and processing their coffee using two washing stations, one full-scale and one micro, and employing the skills of a trained coffee cupper. Typical plot sizes are 0.5 to 2 hectares.

Kopakama’s farmers are committed to improving their local communities. So far, they have brought in gravity-fed water to serve the community and used the Fairtrade premium to access electricity. They have also bought the co-operative’s Conference Hall. Their vision is to move together towards a more stable price and market for their coffee.


Rutsiro District, Western Province
1500 - 1900masl


Bourbon - Washed