Las Terrazas del Pisque - Arnaud Causse

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Las Terrazzas del Pisque, located in North of Quito is in the heart of the Tulipe coffee region. Tulipe can have destructive earthquakes, on average one every 50 years and can only produce coffee, some lavender and wine grapes. It is indeed a rather adventurous project even to a hero-farmer Arnaud Caussee to grow such champagne-tasting specialty coffee at an altitude of between 1800 and 2100 meters lying in a cloudy forest under the shade of indigenous cedars and banana trees.





Pacas - Caturra - Natural

Pacas - Caturra - Washed

This coffee is a combination of two botanical varieties, Caturra (for its fruitiness) and Pacas (for its well‐rounded sweetness), providing a harmonious balance with intense aromas of exotic fruits, chocolate, citrus fruits and a generous and refined finish. This is a flavourful coffee with a rich and velvety texture.

It will give a strong aroma of vanilla with a hazelnut flavour but, as it begins to cool you should notice the exotic fruits coming to the forefront.

Acidity: Citrus, medium

Body: Full, round

Aroma: Vanilla

Flavour: Hazelnuts, mango and papaya