Rushashi CWS: Rwanda


Rushashi Coffee Washing Station is the largest of two washing stations owned by the Abakundakawa coffee producer cooperative. It is located in the lush and green Gakenke district. Here the area is characterized by high spiky hills at high altitude making it ideal for high quality coffee production.

More than half of the producers at Rushashi are women and you can see them walk along the road with their umbrellas over their shoulder. This covers them from the heating sun. It is no coincidence that this region produces some of Rwanda’s most sought after coffees with this climate conditions. Due to the sun, the coffee grows and develops a complex flavor.

The coffee is hand picked and it goes through a particular long fermentation process that has been adopted by several nearby cooperative societies. It has contributed to the 3rd place at the 2010 Rwanda Cup of Excellence competition.


1700 -2000 masl


Bourbon - Washed