Finca Ausol: El Salvador

El Salvador

Leopoldo is the fifth generation of coffee producers in the Muyshondt family. He decided to continue with the tradition of producing coffee in the region of Juayua after working for 25 years with three different coffee exporters.

This farm got to a very bad economic situation. Leopoldo realized that the family business had a big opportunity of passing to the 6th generation when he had his son, Sebastian. Today Leopoldo is dedicated full-time to the recovery of the farm and he began to produce specialty coffees, offering high quality and complete traceability.

He believes that the key to success is to diversify the type of coffee, not producing commodities, and to increase efficiency and productivity. Leopoldo owns another farm which connects with Finca Ausol in the highest part of the mountain (1,750 MASL). The impressive view, the winds, rains, temperature, microclimates, and team work makes Leopoldo's farm and coffee unique.


1300 -1550 masl


Pacamara - Washed