Finca San Luis: El Salvador

El Salvador

Located in the town of Ataco, Los Tablones, Ahuachapàn, the farm has been in the family for 6th generations since Mr. Gregorio Cornejo bought the farm in 1871 and has been inherited until now. The farm is currently managed by Mr. Luis Duarte and his family and its part of Tacubaya estate coffee farms. Originally Finca San Luis was about 75 hectares, nowadays is only 35 hectares of coffee.

Different varieties of coffee grow in the farm, Bourbon, Pacamara, H1 Centroamericano, Marsellesa and Caturra. The coffee plantation is shade grown with an altitude from 1100 to 1400 masl, annual rainfall is 2200 mm aprox, approximate annual harvest is 800 qq of green coffee (800 bags 100 Pounds each). In an effort to be as sustainable as possible, the farm works with the least amount of chemicals possible, to the point that weed control is done manually; fertilization is mixed, both chemical and organic, based on previous soil and leaf analysis. Pests / diseases are treated in an integrated manner.


1100 -1400 masl


Pacamara - Washed