Jarama CWS: Rwanda


Jarama established in 2009 by owner Furaha Umwizeye. Umwizeye completed a Master’s degree in economics from the University of Fribourg in Switzerland, and was motivated to return to Rwanda after the genocide and contribute in a positive way to the society and economy.

“From the beginning, our goal was to produce a coffee of high quality for the specialty market.”Umwizeye explains. “To ensure the best quality, one has to have control of the production process. Traditionally in Rwanda, coffee washing stations and coffee farms are not vertically integrated. The ownership is separated. Coffee washing stations rely on multiple small coffee farmers for their supply of cherries [who typically only own 100–300 coffee trees]. We identified that to ensure the same high quality year after year, one has to be able to control how the coffee trees are being produced and harvested.”

Jamara sits at the highest elevation, at 1,798 metres above sea level, with 36,000 trees. The three Kivu Belt project farms have 18 permanent workers and 130 seasonal workers.


Nyamasheke District, Lake Kivu
1800 -2000 masl


Red Bourbon - Washed
Red Bourbon - Washed