Limu Gera Mill: Ethiopia


In Gera Woreda, we have partnered with the Faysel Abdosh who has been running his Washing Station since 2014. Limu Gera Mill has more than 75 percent of the coffee is grown under the shade of trees. The remaining area is comprised of infrastructure and preserved forest.

More than 100 native and leguminous shade trees are planted per hectare of land. That’s well above our shade grown certification requirements. The mill is green in more ways than one. Limu Farm practices micro-basin rainwater harvesting, applies organic compost fertilization, uses mechanical eco-pulpers and solar driers, and invests in hiring staff.

The station serves 750 smallholder producers, collecting their coffee in cherry and processing it uniformly at the mill. The coffee is first depulped and fermented underwater for 24–36 hours. Then it is washed and laid on raised beds under a shade cover to dry. The drying takes 10–12 days.


Gera Woreda, Jimma Zone, Oromia Region


Heirloom - Washed