Finca San Antonio: El Salvador

El Salvador

Carlos Pola’s family has been in coffee for 5 generations so he has experienced coffee culture since he was a child. He spent around 20 years working in the textile industry, a demanding industry in terms of efficiency and quality. In 2012 Carlos switched careers and started working full time in coffee. His vision is to apply to coffee production his experience in the textile industry. The vision, strategies and overall efforts to become a sustainable specialty coffee producer have been key factors to succeed in the challenging world of coffee farming.

Carlos cultivates coffee in a dramatically new and sustainable manner; continuously experiments with new processing methods; produces honeys, naturals and controlled fermentations; dries all of his coffee in African beds; supports his community by helping as many farmers as possible to embrace specialty coffee; and is passionate for traceability, having developed an application that can trace his coffee from farm to cup.

Carlos has implemented an innovative design or architecture to renovate his plantation, one that is cost efficient, extremely environmentally successful, labor sensible and productive. By planting in double rows and straight contour lines simulating a spider web, using nitrogen fixation shade trees and covering the soil, he has been able to fix almost 100% of rain water, fix carbon and nitrogen in the soil and propagate mycorrhizae, fungi that forms a symbiotic relation with plants to interchange nutrients. Together all of these practices dramatically reduce the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

Carlos Pola’s farms, Finca San Antonio and Finca Las Brisas, are located near the town of Juayua, which finds itself along the ‘Ruta de las Flores’ (The route of flowers). If you are lucky enough to visit this area while the flowers are blooming, especially coffee, you will understand why the name. Juayua is in the middle of the Apanaeca Ilamatepeq mountain range, home to many coffee farms. Volcanic mountains in the area reach elevations nearing 2,100 masl. With an ideal climate and high elevations, it’s no wonder that this region produces fantastic coffees. Each mountain is said to have its own micro-climate which produce unique flavor characteristics.

Finca San Antonio’s Pacamara was used by World Champion Dan Fellows in both 2018 and 2019 Coffee in Good Spirits Competitions.


Apaneca Ilamatepeq Mountain Range
1300 -1450 masl
Latitude: 13.871912 Longitude: -89.776303


Pacamara Monster - Natural
Pacas - Honey Yellow
Heirloom Hybrid - Anaerobic