Twumba CWS: Rwanda


Twumba coffee washing station is situated in Nyaruyaga Village, Gitabura Cell, Twumba Sector, Karongi District in Western Province of Rwanda. The area has a relief characterized by high mountains with very steep slopes that flow into valleys and its bordering Nyungwe National forest. The altitude varies between 1,800m-2,200m above sea level, the average annual temperature is 18°C which varies with the altitude

It was in 2014, when the owner names of Twumba coffee went to visit farmers of this areas and get inspired when he observed the beautifully plantation of coffee. With short meeting he had with farmers surrounding the areas, he noted that the Coffee washing station in the area was far away from their farming. The Owner of the CWS decided to build the coffee washing station to support the farming community with the main purpose of facilitating them collecting coffee together and improving the farming system and then be linked to market (as there was no profitable market for coffee cherries as there was no washing station in area).

The coffee variety grown in this area is Arabica, processed using clean water from natural spring of Nyungwe forest and dried on sun on raised drying tables and after it is stored in good conditions. Sometime coffee cherries coming from a single farm with high potential in production and quality are followed up and consciously set aside from other coffee and sold as micro-lots.

The coffee processed in the areas is called also as “women coffee’’ due the facts that women are mostly more involved in the whole value chain. Amongst the coffee collected, 60% are supplied by women, the groups created 50% are owned by women and in processing at CWS 90% of employees are women.

Women sorting and grading coffee at the coffee washing station

Tropic coffee Company as a member of Women’s Coffee Alliance, a partner of Twumba coffee has mandate to ensure that Women is empowered in coffee community to achieve sustainable lives and confirm the participation of women in the coffee value chain.


Karongi District, Western Provence
1800 -2200 masl


Bourbon - Washed