Wote Konga Mill : Ethiopia


Wote is a private wet mill in Yirgacheffe in southern Ethiopia. The coffee is grown in the micro region Gedeo in Yigracheffe, known for having some of the most complex and intense flavours in Yirgacheffe. The cherries are then processed at Wote by the producer Mr. Makrurian Mergya and his 100 odd employees. Next to the process station the river Wote runs and is the natural water source to the process station.

The coffee is delivered to Wote Konga from about 700 smallholders in the surrounding area, as well as remote farmers, where the coffee is growing at an altitude ranging from 1850 to 2050 m.a.s.l. Mr. Mergya has spent the last years to improve the preparation and processing of the coffees to meet the quality standards of the high end coffee market. Improvements has been done to increase the knowledge in drying methods and careful sorting.

Since coffee grows in the wild in Ethiopia, improved varieties and native coffee of forest origin is transferred into the smallholder’s gardens, meaning that we find no less than 26 varieties of coffee in our cup of Wote. All varieties go under the generic Ethiopian Heirloom, in this case Yirgacheffe type.


Yirgacheffe Woreda, Gedeo Zone, Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples' Region
1900 masl


Heirloom - Washed

Red Wine,White Flower,Orange Soda,Medium Body,Green Tea Aftertaste.


Heirloom - Washed