Lewis Harding


Lewis has over 15 years experience working in International Business and Trading in China, Africa and Latin America. Previously worked in Finance & Banking in London and Asia. A Serial Entrepreneur with a deep passion for Coffee and creating business that provide real value to its stakeholders.

Kerric Knowles

Director of Operations

Originally from Seattle, Kerric is a former Boeing Company manager where he oversaw multi-million dollar procurement contracts for the 737. After moving to Shanghai in 2015 he left the corporate world to help startups in China grow. A long-time Ultimate player Kerric recently represented Team China at the World Ultimate Frisbee Tournament! He is passionate about traveling, professional development, Chinese food, and Seahawks football.

Nicole Diefenbach

Director of Sales & Marketing of CEx USA

Nicole is a coffee connector; she’s an experienced marketing operations professional offering cross-cultural perspective gained through 11 years in global business development for start-ups and established companies across diverse industries. Originally from Texas and often found exploring outdoors with her two huskies.

Nicolás Vélez

Director of South American Operation

Nicolás Vélez is a Mechanical Engineer who used to be a mountain guide and high school teacher until he met Coffee.  Fort the last 20 years Nico has been involved with coffee as a coffee shop owner, coffee farmer, cupper, roaster, consultant, etc.  Now he is one of our partners and in charge of our South America operations.

Alok Somani


As an avid user, Alok is well acquainted with the power of coffee to keep the world moving. Alok gained global engineering and finance experience working for major pharmaceutical, candy and oil companies in various locations around the world. Since leaving the corporate world, Alok worked in mobile gaming and has advised start ups as a mentor with China Accelerator. Originally from Wisconsin, he can often be found desperately trying to convince his two children to stop playing Fortnite and to focus on their homework.

Sybil Gao

Domestic Logistics Manager

A cat owner who gets bullied by her cats but is a self-acclaimed cat whisperer. Does not love traveling but will travel if there’s music and coffee involved. After graduation Sybil worked in the corporate world but stumbled upon an opportunity to work as a barista. After quitting her job and becoming a barista she encountered specialty coffee and fell in love. Then when she joined Coffee Exchange in Jan 2019 and began working with green coffee beans. She began to realize the shortcomings of the coffee industry and the efforts that farmers put in to make coffee. She fully backs Coffee Exchange’s dream to connect producers with roasters directly and hopes that in the future she can provide back to the farmers.

Cathy Huang


A Taurus roaster with rich experience in roasting various beans, has attended multiple roasting competitions and The Champion at the Gissen roasting competition in June, won second place in the quarterly roasting competition. Cathy loves coffee but sumplements her time with food, cycling long distances on her road bike and traveling.

David Zhang

Front-end Developer

With over six years in front-end software development and handling back end development David has begun his path of becoming a full stack developer. Enjoys painting, and occasionally dreams of becoming an artist. Spends his weekends relaxing at home in front of the television while learning English.

Diana Zhu

HR & Office Manager

Diana has experience working within administration and human resource management in several international companies, including Hong Kong owned and Taiwan funded firms. She has accumulated a wealth of knowledge in practical operation and management. Diana is passionate about music, yoga and traveling.

Moon Lin

Marketing Associate

Originally from XinJiang, Moon is a graduate from Michigan states and has spent roughly 6 years abroad. In that time, she joined various volunteer and community events and has worked briefly in the US and Chinese market as a marketing intern for various firms. She loves music, movies, art, traveling, coffee, wine and is on a constant prowl for new adventures in her life. Her motto is to “Live in the moment and never forget.” She recently joined Coffee Exchange in October 2019 and is excited for what the coffee industry as to offer.

Nika Zhang

Sales, QC & Coffee Seeker

A fellow Aquarius who travels to experience various cultures and eat different foods. Dabbles a bit in guitar, piano and the occasional photography. On the outside she comes off a bit careless, but she is very attentive and careful. As a coffee professional, Nika has participated in several CBCs (China Barista Championship) and other competitions at various levels. She’s always actively learning more about coffee as a whole and has no plans on stopping.

Hanxiao Hu

Business Development & Sales

With a background of study & work overseas for five years and two years of sales experience. A coffee addict, photography enthusiast & traveler at heart, enjoying everything life has to offer. Coffee Exchange has provided Hanxiao with a platform to combine her love for coffee and meeting new individuals.

Anthony Ng

Product Manager

Born in Hong Kong, grew up in Shanghai, studied in England, Anthony is a cauldron of different cultures and can navigate in various cultural settings. Anthony is a jack of all trades, having work experience in Finance, Marketing and External Affairs in various industries, his knowledge spans across different departments. He joined Coffee Exchange in Oct 2019 as a product manager. Anthony is a long-time gym enthusiast, passionate about music, travelling and a corporate’s social responsibility.